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Salon Bliss is home to Charleston's best stylists specializing in women's and men's precision cuts, hair color, highlights and the industry's top beauty products.  Salon Bliss offers a high quality line of Redkin, Tigi and Paul Mitchell hair care products.

Great Hair, great atmosphere, and personalized attention come together to bring your ultimate satisfaction.
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Gummies and Drops Available.
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Salon Bliss recently helped an out of state client who had spent over $700 on hair extensions. Two major issues were the quality of the extension tape, and not properly training the client on the care of her hair.

Though we love to help clients in need, we also can't stress enough on how to do things right the first time. The best way to do that is to come to us first. If you are new to the area or need a change in salons, then stop by and call.

You'll be glad you did. 
Before - Performed by another salon using off-brand tape extensions and not properly training the client on how to manage them. 
After - 7 hours later, we were able to get her hair back to normal. Come to us first and get the job done right.